The Vampiric Wars were a series of conflicts between the Global Coalition and Vampiric Empire of West Everoc. The conflict explains the lack of vampires in Everoc Spearbreakers and possibly dwarven civilizations. There are several human vampires.

Outbreak of HostilitiesEdit

It is unknown what was the initial cause of the war, but it is believed that the vampires aimed to subjugate the mortal populations by force rather than live among them in constant fear. By the time of the war's beginning, the vampires controlled a large portion of West Everoc's northern areas, and had armies as far away as Boatmurdered.


Vampiric EmpireEdit

The empire's name is unknown and never touched upon. It is known it had an army in the hundreds of thousands spread all over West Everoc.

Global CoalitionEdit

The Global Coalition is a group of nations, mostly humans and dwarves, that waged war against the Vampiric Empire. Noteable members included The Responsible Outrageous Fences , The Copper Realm, and the goblins of The Sundered Isles. Most of the founders of Spearbreakers and some who followed fought for the coalition in thier younger days.

Jesters of ArmokEdit

Armok's chosen, those whom he plucks from various worlds to bring order or chaos as they see fit. Seeing a race of slow moving deathless monsters as boring to watch even get killed if they won the war, he sent several of his chosen to aid the Coalition forces outside the Boatmurdered ruins at the Smooth Points of Pride, turning the tide in the mortals' favor. While most of the Jesters involved in the battle now run amok in West Everoc, some opted to remain with the the armies they lead and some even came to positions of power following the war.

Major BattlesEdit

Thus far only one major engagment has actually been explored as the only one with any relavance.

Battle of The Smooth Points of PrideEdit


  • Vampiric Army of The Northern Coasts
  • Coalition 5th Army
  • Jesters of Armok (on the side of the Coalition Army)


  • Destruction of the Vampiric Army of The Northern Coasts
  • War turned in favor of the Global Coalition

End of the warEdit

The war came to a close at some point in the late 150s PS, the end result being the near total extermination of the vampire menace, save for few and far between survivors who dwindled over the years until the last known vampire was killed by Urist Okablokum sometime in the early 200s PS.