They're beautiful weapons. Only vampires were as skilled in the implementation and crafting of silver alloys. Their edges are as sharp as steel... and at least as strong.

Vampiric Silver is a good metal for smithing weapons and armor. Products made with vampiric silver also have a very high value, slightly more than that of gold. Its high density enhances the performance of bludgeoning weapons such as maces, mauls, and war hammers.

It was discovered by the vampires of Parasol or Ballpoint, prior to the Vampiric Wars. They became incredibly skilled in the crafting of metal alloys, and often used it to create armor and openworked daggers like those belonging to Stova, Talvi and Vanya Carena. These were often further enhanced by advanced technology such as Quantic Vibrators, enabling them to slice through all but steel and Adamantine when activated.


Smelting vampiric silver requires silver ore, flux stone, and fuel. Flux is used to remove carbon during the smelting process, while the fuel puts it back in. The end result is vampiric silver: silver with just the right amount of carbon in it. The ores of silver (native silver, horn silver, galena and tetrahedrite) can be found in any layer.

Openworked vampiric silverEdit

For weapons that are meant to be of a lighter density and weight, vampiric silver can be forged with slightly different processes that increase its malleability while being worked, and produce a lighter weapon overall. Weapons created with "openworked" vampiric silver are often crafted with openworked handles, thus giving openworked vampiric silver its name. The daggers that Vanya carried were of this material.