The Timewar of the Ancients (aka the Corporate War) was a series of battles, espionage missions, and general disasters that took place largely on Everoc and spanned its entire history, Post Syrupleaf.

Belligerent PartiesEdit

The belligerents are divided into several smaller groupings: Primary, Minor (includes smaller companies who contributed weapons, machinery, or personel to any of the others), and Proxy.

Primary BelligerentsEdit

Minor partiesEdit



The Timewar began as Parasol averted The Obsidianizing and Armok's wrath, attempting to save Syrupleaf and all of Everoc, so they could continue their experiments with the Holistic Spawn. The creation of the stasis bubble they used in this pursuit attracted the attention of Ballpoint, who saw the Holistic Spawn as a useful tool to accomplish their goals. They infiltrated Parasol's experiment and stole a number of Holistic Spawn, bioengineering them with the help of Mr Frog. After multiple espionage attempts and various