The Time of Succession was a series of unfortunate deaths among the nobility of The Responsible Outrageous Fences, coinciding with several smaller conflicts, the Vampiric Wars, and the various famines that afflicted the capital over the years.

Starting with the monarch Rigoth Stillbells' death in battle leading The Great Fence and monarchs Onul Oilycrypts and Reg Lanceface, every monarch ascended the throne by virtue of either being the closest dwarf on hand after the previous one's death by starvation or the most senior non-officer to distinguish themselves in battle or civil service (such as exemplary performance as an engineer or Fortress Guardsman.)

The cycle of constant deaths every year/every other year was finally broken by Queen Sibrek Wipedglaze, likely due to her mandating the Border Fortresses be built, which eased pressures on the capital and other cities of her nation's food and booze reserves.