"Urist McNarrator has gone Stark Raving MAD!" - SolPyre's rendition of The Obsidianizing

The Obsidianizing was an event where Armok turned all of Everoc's planet, or universe, into a giant block of obsidian. In the present timeline, this event no longer exists, and the inhabitants of Everoc have never heard of it, even though it is part of their history.

The Obsidianizing remains an event of great speculation, as most people that have heard of it don't fully understand why it happened, or how it was reversed. Many theories abound as to just what took place, although a theory has been posed that most historians agree upon.


The Obsidianizing took place at approximately 0 PS, that is to say, 0 years Post-Syrupleaf, or, directly at its fall. After it fell, Armok decided that the universe was ruined. Possible reasons for this include the meddling of Parasol, the Holistic Spawn, or the loss of Syrupleaf itself, which may have angered him.

It is also possible, as Parasol brought their own gods with them when they entered the universe, that Parasol's gods won out over Armok and obsidianized the planet themselves. This is a more unpopular theory, however, and should not be readily accepted as fact.


It is assumed that records were somehow initially kept of the event by a dwarf that somehow managed to survive The Obsidianizing, as otherwise, the event would never have made it into the story of Syrupleaf's downfall. A common story is that the unlucky dwarf was forced to watch it all go down from inside a tower of obsidian. This is also a matter of debate, and supporters of the theory speculate that for someone to survive, they would have to be locked away in a dark room that Armok's magma could not penetrate, similar to the last survivor of Headshoots. This, of course, would ensure that the dwarf could not actually see the rest of the world. If only the dwarf's room was covered with obsidian, he wouldn't know the difference. It is speculated that if this latter was the case, that the dwarf in question went stark raving mad. However, this theory is also heavily debated by historians.


After The Obsidianizing, Parasol Industries took it upon themselves to go back in time and keep the event from ever happening by placing all of Syrupleaf in stasis during its final moments. While the inhabitants would be forced to repetitively live through their deaths, Syrupleaf could never fall, and Armok's wrath was appeased. In the current timeline, The Obsidianizing never took place, although all dates still date from Syrupleaf's end.

When the fortress was placed in Stasis, the interuniversal time distortions attracted Ballpoint's attention, and they sent an outpost to check on the situation. It wasn't long before they had captured the Holistic Spawn, and they took this opportunity to withdraw. Outside of Everoc's time stream, they modified the Holistic Spawn and re-released them as an experiment, directly causing the problems that the dwarves of Spearbreakers face today.