The Diavallen (literally, "The Divine Language") is the language the gods use to converse with one another. It shares some similarities to the languages they give their subjects, it is far more complex, and much more difficult to comprehend. Learning to pronounce a single word correctly can take a surprising amount of time.

Use by mortalsEdit

When used by mortals, the Diavallen primarily used in casting spells of Prayer Magic. The gods require the use of Diavallen for a number of reasons:

  • It is their first language, and that which they are most comfortable with
  • It is a sign of respect to the gods to use the Diavallen to communicate with them
  • It prevents non-magically-inclined mortals from accidentally discovering spells they aren't supposed to possess


The Diavallen is notoriously difficult to pronounce, let alone master. Unlike dwarven, human, or elf, it is a combination of phonetic sounds, length variations, and tonal flux. Its romanized form is significantly easier to understand, but it is impossible to learn a spell by simply reading it in its romanized form. It is generally taught to a person by someone else, or, in extreme cases, by the gods themselves. This latter is an occurrence so rare that it is uncertain whether the gods see this behavior as scandalous among themselves, yet it prevents the Diavallen, and magic in general, from completely falling out of use.

Written formEdit

The written form of Diavallen is considered sacred. The gods consider its misuse a criminal offense. Tomes exist primarily when demons conceal them from the gods, and the demons themselves provide the power for the spells being cast. As demons themselves are not gods, and follow no similar laws, they tend to provide much more power than any god would be permitted to do. However, they also leave their mark on the caster, in the form of a brand or tattoo. This is known as Runic Magic.