Depot courtyard

An artist's rendition of an image of an engraving of the Courtyard

The Courtyard is the central hub for all the many entrances Spearbreakers has had over the years. It currently houses the Trade Depot, and at one time housed the first barracks and Bombzero's butchery workshop. It features stone and dirt walls, as well as a dirt roof. Animals are generally chained up outside the entrance to Mr Frog's  Wagon Road, which doubles as an entrance to the Spike Bridge that Draignean built. Due to its central location, many stories revolve around it at one point or another, and is considered by some to be the heart of Spearbreakers itself. To others, however, only the dining room can claim that title.


The Courtyard was created in the year 200, commissioned by Splint Spearspin, who was at that time nothing more than an expedition leader. In Talvi's reign, a makeshift butcher's shop was created for Bombzero so she would have a place to butcher her corpses. Unfortunately, this led to miasma, and the butcher's workshop was subsequently removed and replaced with slabs to mark the deaths of various dwarves.

At the end of many overseers' reigns, the courtyard was littered with bones and in a dreadful condition. It wasn't until Splint's second reign that this was finally cleaned up with the help of "foreign mercenaries", which were actually Ballpoint soldiers.