The Clover, as Talvi left it at the end of her reign.

The Clover is a large, open area deep below the main fortress. It is filled with unmarked graves and is the final resting place of any dwarf who died on Spearbroken land.

Creation of The CloverEdit

The Clover was intended as a monument that Talvi wanted to leave as her legacy to Spearbreakers after her term was over. Unfortunately, it never made it past half-finished, and by the time Mr Frog took over, only two lopsided wings were complete. Talvi had given up partway through and placed a number of filled coffins in the west wing. Mr Frog finished the rest of it out, and it became the graveyard it is known as today.


During Splint's third term in office in 210, he deemed The Clover in need of expansion due to its rapidly filling space. Much of Granite was spent preparing two more teirs, which are slowly being filled with vacant coffins.