Stova Townbends
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Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Spearbreakers
Occupations Militiadwarf
Kin Splint Spearspin, lover
Birth 183 PS
Death Early autumn of 201
The (Spawn) took (Stova) and want my home, and I'll be happy to take their lives.

Stova Townbends (183 PS - Limestone 201 PS) was a dwarf of The Responsible Outrageous Fences, a dwarven civilization, and a member of The Rock of Strength, the group that founded Spearbreakers.

Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known of Stova's early life other than she had fought in the Vampiric Wars in the 88th Pike Company alongside Splint, Fischer, Draignean, The Master, Talvi and countless others around the age of seventeen or so, and was the second owner of a pair of daggers she'd claimed in the wars as spoils from a vampire officer. These daggers would then be claimed by Talvi following her death, and would later pass into the hands of Vanya Carena.

At SpearbreakersEdit

Stova was part of the founding crew for one of many border-fortresses intended to thin out the teeming hordes of Barbarians and Spawn from the east continent of Everoc. Before joining the expedition, she had made a career out of being a soldier, working as a mercenary with Fischer for whomever paid best. She along with Fischer were roped into serving as instructors to the fortress between campaigns by Splint, whom she would eventually form a romantic bond with.

Transformation and deathEdit

Stova would be the first victim of the Spawn of Holistic in Spearbreakers, being bitten by a spawn scout while it was fleeing. Three months later, following her recovery from her injuries, she transformed. After battling with the militia for several days, retreating into vents, brush, and the woods around the fortress only to return to fight each day, she was finally killed by Softa, who later turned into a Holistic Spawn herself.

Her death would cause a lasting impact on Splint, who never seemed to fully recover. While he had been plagued by random bouts of madness and raving in the past, her death nearly ruined him, with his hallucinations and nightmares becoming even worse in the aftermath. Splint would also become increasingly unstable, something quite traceable to Stova's death.

A hallucination or a spirit?Edit

While it is far-fetched, Splint believes Stova speaks to him through his hammer or through various whispers. As the dead are capable of strange things in Everoc, it isn't too far out of the realm of possibility for her to be trying to guide the fortress to salvation, as Splint credits increasing urges to invade the darkest depths to her.