"Only when the tip has no bite does a spear become truly broken."
— Unknown Dwarven Soldier

Spearbreakers: Shattered Spear (originally The Broken Spear,) is an alternate reality/non-canon version of Spearbreakers taking place after a massive disaster (specifically a "loyalty cascade.") It currently only has a few updates, written and played by Splint, with intent to continue later on.

The story follows mostly Col. Fischer, whom becomes "Overseer-Militant" as the highest ranking officer both politically and militarily in the fortress, and her bid to keep the survivors alive and the fortress functioning. Many of the most well known dwarves in the fortress died in the disaster, among them Talvi, Splint, and Mr Frog. It can be found here.

Chapters generally begin with a quote from one character or another and the story seems aimed more at looking at Fischer beyond her usually seen authoritive and possibly psychosis addled self.

Cause and BackgroundEdit

The cause of what is typically called The Disaster was an accident during an engagment against local goblin raiders. During The Master's time as Overseer, he issued a blanket Kill On Sight order on anything stupid enough to be on the surface, which unfortunately included a liason from the Mountainhome.

When the liason was killed ina n incident of friendly fire, Splint was furious both with the perpatrator for being dumb enough to follow an order to kill literally everything and with The Master for issuing the order. An arument quickly escalated to violence that left several dead and others injured, and as word rapidly spread, outrage grew and the execution of those involved in the brawl (as they had killed several of thier own people in the fight) was greatly demanded. However, others thought only The Master or whomever killed the liason that sparked the argument were to blame, and discontent rapidly spiraled out of conrol into a massive riot that left most of the population dead or greivously wounded. Limbs were removed, mugs thrown, tables flipped, and shit had hit the fan on a scale the fortress had never seen. 


When the dust had settled, only 15 of the fortress' 118 inhabitants remained, and kobolds descended on the site to try to loot the supposed ruins they observed. This was met with violent force from the survivors, and the kobolds quickly abandoned the plan. Several days after, Zulban Hushedtomes rose from the dead, intent upon annyoing the survivors until they buried him as a ghost. It was during this time that Fischer was declared Overseer-Militant by the others, and the official mantle of control of the fortress was passed to her. From here she began to explore the notes and facilities of the fortress more throughly, intent on discovering any and all secrets the previous officials and highly esteemed had left behind, and burying the dead.