Skulkers are a common part of any dwarven fortress, although they're usually unnoticed. Spearbreakers is unique for being one of the few fortresses where they're brought into the limelight.

A SkulkerEdit

Skulkers are citizens, strays and outcasts that have fallen so low that it's impossible for them to get a job in their disheveled state. They may hide in alleyways and tunnels unmarked on any fortress map, and are capable of slipping quietly past just about anyone due to their very nature - invisible by occupation. Dwarves tend to intentionally ignore them because it reflects on the state of their society. This enables skulkers such as Terrahex and Vanya Carena to stay relatively undetected.

The Skulker BarracksEdit

Splint, during his second reign, built a Skulker Barracks for the purpose of allowing the dwarven skulkers a place to call home, without fear of being thrown out. This is due in part to how Vanya was becoming a more important part of the fortress. The construction of this new addition was announced during a grand celebration, one of the few Spearbreakers has had.