Shockedtowns is a human Hilltown that was destroyed before 0 PS.

Condensed HistoryEdit

The name of the nation to which Shockedtowns belonged has long since been lost to history. It was known to have been established at some point during the time of Boatmurdered on East Everoc, and destroyed after the famed fortress fell. It was known to have weathered numerous assaults during it's time, with some of the most feared human warriors in extant folklore hailing for here.

For the most part it's history was fairly "generic" with goblins being a constant threat. Stand out events are the death of an archer who died saving his daughter from abduction, a goblin snatcher somehow giving birth on the settlement grounds (the goblins subsequently being adopted by the humans after thier mother was slain,) a boy who'd been kidnapped earlier in its life returning with four squads of goblins in tow, and a 13 year old girl destorying a forgotten beast made of white jade with a hammer.

At the end of its life, it feel to a combined construction accident letting in dozens of troglodytes and crundles seemingly sheperded by a troll and a massive goblin assault. Most of the population died in the ensuing battle, but some were rescued by Ballpoint Technologies to serve as contractors for the company (as they often do with those who are "Historical MIAs.")

Notable ResidentsEdit