A computer-generated image of a scythod, property of Ballpoint Technologies.

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Scythods are a sapient race of mantid-like arthropods from the planet Piscyth in Universe Beta-17XG.


Scythods have four arms, rather than the two of most Everoc species. The upper two of these end in vicious bony scythes, while the lower two are more dagger-like with several flexible claws; these allows them to manipulate weapons used by humanoid races should they choose to do so. They "see" mostly by their phenomenal hearing and sense of smell, through which they can accurately aim any projectile weapon 80% of the time, possibly higher in the right circumstances. Many tend to be shades of green or brown.


Due to the nature of their homeworld they show signs of being a sort of ritualistic warrior society with martial arts and organizational ability as highly valued skills.

Their culture puts a huge emphasis on it being honorable to be eaten by their own kind. It stems from their predatory nature, the scarcity of food on their homeworld, Piscyth, and how they weren't apex predators. It is considered honorable to be eaten, and more so by their own kind. In addition, scythods absolutely detest wasting food, including the corpses of sentients.

Ballpoint employmentEdit

Scythods are commonly associated with Ballpoint Technologies' military personnel by reason that Ballpoint employs them after a fashion. A few joined willingly, seeking easier prey, or desiring new foes to test their skills against. However, it appears that the majority were essentially forced  to join the company at gunpoint. This was immediately following the Piscyth Wars.

Ballpoint uses them as shocktroops to terrify their enemies into submission. The subjugated Scythod however, want freedom, and have attained it with a price in blood. These scythod, and others who arrived via thier own means, reside in The Amber Barb mountains and some have been known acquaintances of Vanya Carena.