"Sawpike" is a category of mechanized dwarven weaponry that originates from an undetermined point in the future. While generally consisting of a pike or halberd and a mechanized cutting implement, there are two distinct types: "sawpikes" and "chainpikes". While chainpikes are considered more lethal, sawpikes are simpler to manufacture.


  • Sawpikes are exactly like a normal pike in every way, except for having a spinning serrated disc at the butt end. Most models come with a switch on the side to turn this blade's rotational motion on and off, although some of the dwarfier versions seemed to "forget" the off switch completely, instead opting for a simplistic motion sensor.
  • Chainpikes have what appears to be a shortned chainsword attached to the end of it's parent pole and battery. While it is more accurately described as a halberd, its long thrusting implement (which may or may not be serrated) allows it to still be called a pike, at least as far as dwarves care. Due to their increased lethality, all models come with a handy switch on the side for turning off the chain.


  • Sawpike shafts can be of wood or weapons-grade metal, but the blade and its components must be forged of weapons-grade materials, such as copper, iron, bronze, chalbys, steel, or adamantine. In Spearbreakers II, its components consist of a serrated disc, one pike, and one native power cell.
  • Chainpikes require metallic components to operate properly. While they perform best when made of the best materials for their teeth and gears, any metal will work so long as it is well maintained. The metals that can be potentially used for components include copper, iron, bronze, chalbys, steel, and adamantine. In Spearbreakers II, its components consist of two small gears, two metal chains, one metal pike, and one native power cell.

History and ServiceEdit

It is currently believed by historians that the sawpike was an original creation of Mr Frog (along with the rather messy Grindaxe and Serrated Disc Launcher). At some point after the fall of Spearbreakers, or possibly before it fell, the sawpike began to see widespread adoption by dwarven armies alongside the railgun and grindaxe.

At the time of Spearbreakers II, the pike has been completely replaced by the sawpike in dwarven armies.