Savero Omermorul (or Greenpages, if translated) was a female dwarf and the last Overseer of the Spearbreakers fortress as far as gameplay went.

Early LifeEdit


Savero arrived in the spring of Tomio's reign as Overseer. As her arrival went largely uneventful besides a few fellows getting drafted into the military to replace some losses it had sustained.

Term of OfficeEdit

Savero's journal entries initially seem somewhat humerous and full of general racism towards elves and humans (referring to them as barkeaters/knife-ears and plainswalkers respectivly,) as well as a distaste for having won the annual overseer name drawing due to her profession of stonecrafter and having gotten blackout drunk in a drinking contest with Crusher at the new years party. She takes it in stride and is shown gradually warming up to the job, though still not totlly fond of it.

However following a military disaster, her entire personality seems to shift, and she is implied to have been attempting to self-medicate (which due to her being a dwarf only succeeded at best in making her black out every so often,) and shut herself into her quarters, blaming the entire disaster on herself and her renovation plans. However, she seems to be forgiven by most, as the incident occured without warning and a call for dwarves to replace the many fallen soldiers after the military's reshuffle following the mess was met not with conscription that she feared  would be needed but a surge of volunteers apparently eager for vengance for the deaths of so many friends and loved ones.

Will be continued as turn progresses.