The Precursor Spawn are the unmodified Spawn of Holistic that currently swarm over most, if not all, of East Everoc. It is believed the spawn  seen in West Everoc are possibly exiles, forced out because of their differences, and due to the numbers that were outed, it can be assumed these monsters outnumber them by a considerable margin.

Appareance and TraitsEdit

These spawn are similar to those commonly seen in West Everoc in appearance but were noticably weaker. Namely, while terrifyingly fast, they are suseptible to stunning and nausea, and died from significant head trauma (something the Coastal reaches Spawn are only mildly inconvienienced by,) and relied on raw numbers when faced with displined and expierienced soldiers. They could also "copy" martial trances, shown to actually be them copying thier opponents on the fly and to terrifying effect. This leads one to believe while more fragile, they are significantly more intelligent.

Greater PrecursorsEdit

Greater precursors are demonic spawn that have a golem-like appearence, and no longer resemble dwarves in any fashion. They are large abominations, able to use weapons should they get thier grubby mits on them and nightmarishly strong. It took a significant number of veteran infantrydwarves to defeat them at Syrupleaf, and many of them, as well as several dozen civilians and attack animals, were killed in the process. 

It is currently rumored these large beasts are finding thier way across the great sea to the east along with thier hordes, likely using derilict Barbarian vessles that are adrift among the seas, as several have been spotted both in the Inlands and Coastal Reaches. It is equally possible the modified spawn are changing, becoming as they once were or changing into a more hive or colony style creature, and these beats are being born to serve as elite troops to the hive.