Pleatinked, or Udistlikot (founded 34 PS) is a dwarven Mountain Hall. It is notable for being a site many Spearbreakers dwarves have either lived in or passed through during their lives.

Pleatinked itself is largely unimportant to the Spearbreakers story, but serves as a bit of background and pre-history. Its current ruler is unknown, but some consider the tale of Urist Okablokum to provide clues. While his tale did not specifically mention Pleatinked as his original Mountain Hall, it stands to reason that they are one and the same, by merit of Urist's interactions with Wari and The Master, and in particular his Blue Garnet Spearhead. It would make sense that the object was given to him, a former friend, as a keepsake of sorts.


The location of Pleatinked is unknown. It is assumed to lie far to the east of Spearbreakers, in the mountains of The Amber Barb.It is known to be far enough away from the Scythod territories that the inhabitants know nothing of them, which seems to suggest that its location is at one of the pole tips, far away from the Scythod midlands. Whether it is in the northern half or southern half is up for speculation, and has remained unmentioned by historians.

It is worth mentioning that if this is truly the same Mountain Hall as in Urist's story, then it is occasionally besieged by Holistic Spawn. This would place Pleatinked in the northern half of The Amber Barb. Unfortunately, again, this fact is speculation and widely debated by historians.


Between the 140s and 200s, there seems to have been some debacle that has led to all apointed leaders and most of its citizens die of starvation every year. This has stopped in year 199, and now queen Sibrek Whipglaze resides there, alive and well. What caused this madness is for now unknown, though it is believed the emergence of Spearbreakers or some faction interested in it somehow managed to end it.


Pleatinked is a smaller Mountain Hall than Tathurkeskal, the dwarven capital. It is notable for its ruler, Mayor Kineshtan, and its political system. The ruler of Pleatinked does not change on an annual basis, which makes it anomalous in dwarven culture.

In addition to this, Pleatinked is noteworthy for its hospital. The doctors are described as largely incompetent, save for Melbil, who was later revealed to be The Last Vampire on Everoc.

Pleatinked Dwarves at SpearbreakersEdit

A decent number of Spearbreakers dwarves originally dwelt in or passed through Pleatinked at some point in their lives. The more noteworthy examples are as follows:

This is far from being an exhaustive list, as only the most notable dwarves are listed above. Many Spearbreakers dwarves make little impact or impression on the fortress or its unfolding history, and these are kept from the list.