The Piscyth Wars was a series of conflicts that took place on the Scythod homeworld, between the resident Scythod tribes (as well as other species,) and Ballpoint Technologies. The exact cause of the conflict is unknown except by those who lived through the opening stages, but it is believed to be partially the result of a negotiation breakdown between the Scythod and Ballpoint.

The outcome of the fighting was Ballpoint investing in and switching to Magnetic Accelerator Weapons, several  of the Scythod tribes being uprooted and technically enslaved, and others being placed on other worlds in Everoc's universe as part of an expieriment on the Scythods' adaptability; said expierimental habitations have begun a crude form of interplanetary colonization using a combination of hollowed out metors and stolen, scavanged, bought, and gifted Ballpoint Tech. equipment.