Paintbrushturkey Asenkan (Graveltired)
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Nicknames Paintbrush

The Sepia Polish of Attacking

Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Spearbreakers
Occupations Axe Lord/Sergeant
Birth 145 PS (65 as of Splint's third term)
Paintbrushturkey "Paintbrush" Graveltired, The Sepia Polish of Attacking, is an Axelord, Overseer, and Vampiric War veteran living and serving at Spearbreakers. He is a known veteran of the battle at the Boatmurdered Ashfields in one of the final major battles of the wars.

Pre-Spearbreakers and pre-war lifeEdit

Paintbrush speaks little of his family, and on Spearbreakers' official records has no kin listed in any capacity. Like many who live in Spearbreakers, this implies a falling out with family. It is assumed he was a quartermaster in the Great Fence after the war and came to Spearbreakers for a change of scenery, or because of aforementioned possible familial issues.

During the Vampiric WarsEdit

While considerably younger than many others who fought in the war (being in his twenties while many others were in thier fourties or older,) he was known to be an excellent infantry instructor and a superb quartermaster, as well as a powerful warrior in his own right. There's an old rumor still in the Axe Companies of The Great Fence that he was even able to use a halberd, a human pole axe much too large for most dwarves to wield with two hands, with one. His abilities at organization and instruction would serve him well later in life when he arrived at Spearbreakers.

At SpearbreakersEdit

Having arrived in spring of 205 PS, He found himself quickly called upon once more to serve as a warrior, taking up a pair of axes, one admantine and one steel, in defense of the fortress. Being put in charge of 1st Company's 2nd Squad, he quickly whipped the hastily raised unit into shape and while not exceptional, they were ready for battle before too long and would eventually become the second line of defense for the fortress, when not called on to outright join "Fischer's First" in any given engagment.

He served as Overseer for a time, his term of office being spent mostly cleaning up the military disaster that Spearbreakers' military had become. He seemed to become withdrawn over time as his squad suffered more and more casualties,  be they deaths (most of his squad had been wiped out at one point despite his best efforts) or greivous wounds (such as Uvash losing her foot and Mincer having a hand torn off,) and he was reluctant to receive the sparse replacements.

Some have suggested though the main reason his squad is understaffed isn't some issue with himself, but simply the fact that recruits quickly became few and far between due to all that needed to be done to allow the fortress to run semi-efficently, leaving his (and most of the other frontline units for that matter,) neglected on the personell front.