Count Splint's redroot ink sketch of Mr Frog's PEA.

A PEA (Personal Electronic Assistant) is a technological item introduced into Everoc by the invading companies Parasol and Ballpoint, each of which have their own versions of the device.


The PEA is capable of, but not limited to:

  • Storing photographs and technical data
  • Recording data, both visual and audio
  • Making inter-universal calls
  • Doing mathematical calculations
  • Accessing data networks
  • Scanning a person's features to determine their identity
  • Running video games

Medical PEAsEdit

Medical PEAs are variants of the common device that are oriented more towards medicinal purposes. While these have less processor power and a weaker graphical display, they are capable of performing deep scans on a living creature's tissue, to assist in a doctor's diagnosis.

Persons known to own a PEAEdit

  1. Mr Frog
  2. Joseph
  3. Draconik Sankis
  4. Katie Okablokum
  5. Jonah Hylcelon
  6. Lieutenant Almory
  7. Scheck Kenzon
  8. Trebor Mallarkus
  9. Solnay Hylcelon
  10. Lord Reudh