"So she's like... An amazon queen of us or something?"
— Draignean, on Col. Fischer becoming Overseer-Militant in the Shattered Spear story.

Overseer-Militant is a title granted to the highest ranking military member of a Fortress army in the event of tradgedy claiming the fortress leadership (mayors, guildheads, and nobility.) Upon assuming the role, they are no longer recognized by thier former position but instead as Overseer-Militant, and are legal binding ruler of thier fortress either until death or until they feel they can step down and a suitable replacment can take thier place leading the populace.

The chain of succession is as follows:

  • Champion
  • Colonel
  • Guard Captain
  • Most senior sergeant who happens to be alive 
  • Barring the above, the most senior infantrydwarf who happens to be alive