Nemean Private Security is a very longstanding P.M.C. originating from the various warrior tribes of the mountinaous country of Nemea. It is staffed almost exclusivly by humans hailing from Nemea, though they do permit dwarves to join thier ranks.


Nemea is a harsh mountinous country ill-suited to agriculture or herding as such developed a very militaristic culture based largely on raiding. It wasn't unheard of for the furthest out Nemean tribes to be hired to fight off thier kinsmen or to assist state armies, and many Nemeans left thier homeland to fight in wars that neither concerned them or thier thier county for pay and plunder. This would be considered the company's founding time-frame, though an official PMC wouldn't be founded until the late 190s PS.

Nemean Mercenaries are renown accross the Coastal Reaches for thier determination and loyalty: Once they have been paid, they will not change sides and won't quit until the job is done or they are all dead. This has resulted ina sterotype that Nemeans are stupidly loyal, but that they are also some of the best friends to have.

In SpearbreakersEdit

The Nemean Mercenaries first appear during the first human seige, with several hundred having been hired to apprehend Splint Lokumeshesh. During this initial confrontation the first platoons of mercenaries were utterly annihilated, with the survivors retreating to recover and send for reinforcements. they would continue to be a problem for many years after. It should be noted these soldiers were natives of the period, not those sent from the future to hunt Ballpoint  research and scouting groups.

In the TimewarEdit

On several occasions Nemean mercenaries have cropped up in the fighting between the major corporations, usually under the employ of Eris. It is known they were sent to eliminate Ballpoint scouts and research parties in the early 200s PS and fought alongside the Sewat rebels and Sariphosian soldiers attacking Sewaturet, and likely formed the bulk of the forces defending the in-dimension HQ near the Spearbreakers ruins of Eris.