Nemea is a harsh mountainous country in West Everoc inhabited by humans rather than dwarves. It is located somewhere far to the northwest of Spearbreakers.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Nemea is hot and ill suited to most agriculture, and due to it being almost nothing but mountains the people survive by raiding and are viciously protective of their valley and lowland settlements where what little food they do grow is raised.

To the south, southeast and east are the Nemean lowlands, where most "Outlanders" interact with them. The rest of the country's borders are governed by where the rivers and streams cut the lowlands or mountains up into ranges too far for them to easily bridge. This does have the side benefit of making it difficult for outlander armies to invade them.


The flora of Nemea is fairly typical as far as plants and animals go. It is dominated by small conifer trees in the lower areas and short sturdy grasses on the few plateaus. It does however have a unique crop that started life as a slightly taller sort of grass that grows in mountains and has been found to be related to barley. As such, this Mountain Barley is considered very valuable to the nemeans and dwarves have been trying to get seeds for decades, if only to be able to get their hands on Nemean Ale, though in most places that trade for it is simply called Mountain Beer. It is believed the two are similar but have a minor recipe variance to differentiate the two.


Wildlife is made up of typical alpine wildlife encountered elsewhere, along with the occasional troglodyte or crundle infestation stemming from the many caves.

Of note however are the nests of Grave Titans and Reavers that inhabit the less traveled regions of Nemea, making it the furthest east the creatures have permeated on West Everoc and likely only stopped by the lack of loose rock and land wide enough for the former to traverse.

Nemean CultureEdit

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Industry and TradeEdit

Due to its mountainous nature, those of Nemea who don't live by raiding or more rarely, agriculture, "live as dwarves". That is to say they make their livelihoods trading metals, cut blocks, and the like to the lowland and raider tribes for food and protection. Their religion holds the dwarven gods in high esteem, as they believe the dwarven gods of metalworking and minerals taught their own gods, who in turn taught them. They are often called tall dwarves by those unfamiliar with the country.

The other portion of their output is largely what their hunters and raiders bring in. As a result they are a major exporter of lower end arms (taken from fallen enemies usually) and smoked or dried meats or in the case of river settlements, fish.