A Necromancer Tome is a foul book filled with vile secrets, contracts with demons, the knowledge of life and death, and many other things besides. These may be written by demons, first generation necromancers, or copied and included with the often narcissistic writings, spiteful letters, and the odd legitimate bit of complliments, questions, or criticisms of necromancers. To read them brands one with a rune of Rune Magic, witht he rune varying to the spell learned. They can be translated, given enough time and effort, and as long as one avoids the section on life and death (usually the only part translated to common speech by most necromancers,) becoming a necromancer won't occur and will give the reader a substantial arsenal of spells, both mundane and messy. Others though, are just plain strange and possibly frightening to witness be used, such as "To Dust," which while not fatal is obviously not something anyone wants to see happen to others or expierience.

Known Necromantic TomesEdit

Known Readers of Necromantic TomesEdit

Known Speakers of the Necromantic LanguageEdit

  • Ugeth
  • Any other "true" forgotten beast (such as Lomoth) or any other non-flesh Forgotten Beast.
  • Presumably most demons in some form, as they are often the source of power for these tomes.

Trivia Edit

  • The only book Spearbreakers has on display is only worth 30 coins, which implies (rather unreasonably) that necromancer tomes have low selling value.
  • Spearbreakers only has one tome in its (public?) inventory, which has been revealed, through the title, to belong to Deler Inkblushed, The Union of Haunts himself. The title is "We See Deler Inkblushed The Union of Haunts". It was created relatively recently, in the year 197, and strangely enough not added to the Necromancer library, but kept on his person apparently.