Nature magic is the native arcane abilities of the Elvish and Silver Xelic races.

Primary PurposeEdit

Nature Magic's main advantage to those who are born with the ability (referred to as wardens by xelics and lifeshapers by elves,) to use it is the ability to rapidly grow forests and crops and tame wild beasts. While Silver Xelics use it for growing thier cities and fortresses, they dont use it for much else, while elves rely on it to aquire virtually everything from armor to housing.

VS. Prayer and Runic MagicEdit

Nature magic is overall less useful militarily as Prayer Magic (which derives its power from one or more deities) and Runic Magic (which uses the power of a demon coupled with various written incantations and such,) as it is based more upon the manipulation of life energy. There are some spells that are unique to it, such as creating Ents and Vinebeasts, and direct manipulation of water and less destructive weather patterns such as fog. it also has the ability to bend wild animals such as bears, tigers, and badgers to one's own side, something the other two forms cannot do.

It is also very difficult to learn Nature magic as one who isn't born without an innate sense for the natural world will have difficulty exerting thier will on the energy in the surrounding environment.