Native Railguns are magnetic accelerator weapons produced by dwarves native to Everoc. They were originally designed by Mr Frog as a more effective means of combating the Spawn of Holistic. Its basic shape is based upon an older Ballpoint model Mr Frog had experience with operating. It uses slugs made from any weapons-grade metal as munitions, with silver and steel preferred for their density.


Native Railguns have to make due with simple spring and gear systems to load projectiles into the firing rails due to a lack of small magnets. In Spearbreakers II, the components consisted of the following:

  • 2 Magnetite Rails (an abstract manner of representing all of the magnets used to fire a shot)
  • 2 small metal gears
  • 1 steel or adamantine housing and stock
  • 1 leather butt-pad
  • An optional bayonet

VS Other projectile weaponsEdit

Compared to the common weapons of other nations, a Native Railgun is a somewhat slow firing powerhouse, with each shot being virtually guaranteed to shatter bones upon impact, if not outright killing the unlucky victim by sending them into trees or walls with such force that they literally explode from the imparted kinetic energy. In most situations however, it lacks the ability to outright kill someone unless the above are behind the target and it's a solid body shot.

These weapons are also expensive to produce compared to other simpler weapons, requiring far more components than any other weapons (save for maybe muskets). This makes them a weapon commonly reserved for elite troops, while others get by using crossbows, muskets, and disc launchers. However, the raw power of these weapons, coupled with their debilitating effects and ability to completely decimate any sort of protection, makes them well worth the effort to produce.