Lake lomoth

A portion of Lake Lomoth.

Lake Lomoth is the name given to the body of water in the caverns where Spearbreakers draws its water from. It is named for the Chicken-Beast Lomoth, a Forgotten Beast.


The lake is more or less semi-circular or kidney in shape for the most part and lined with various ores and broken up by spires of rock. It is known to be a favorite point of infiltration for Forgotten Beasts via the wells used to access it. Somewhwere along its shores is a small artificial tunnel/stairwell that leads to the Gorlak Caves.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Strangely it is typically devoid of any sort of wildlife most of the time, with even the common Pond Grabber being scarce, and while cave fish and lobsters are common sights, they seem wise to the tricks of fisherdwarves and thus are never bothered. Its shores play host mostly to fungiwoods and bloodthorns with other tree fungi mixed in, and some larger specimens of the various trees can be seen growing out of the lake itself.