Kob, the water glob.

Nicknames The Water Glob
Race Forgotten Beast
Birth Before Boatmurdered
Death 210 PS

Kob was forgotten beast that lived below Spearbreakers. Its arrival went largely unnoticed, and it wasn't mentioned until Splint's second reign.

Kob was described as a towering blob composed of water. It had three stubby tails and a bloated body, as well as having lethal spittle. Kob was associated with water, misery and caverns, and is hypothesized to be the remnant of one of Armok's tears.


Kob was killed by Dauros Hushedboat during Splint's 3rd term of Overseership. Its soul was was said to be consumed by Dauros' pike, or forced into it. If true, this is likely a result of the magic that folklore claims created Kob: To the victor goes the power of the former.