Katalina Okablokum
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Nicknames Katie
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliations Parasol
Occupations Student
Kin Scheck Kenzon
Kiera Okablokum
Saemin Lo, lover
Birth Granite 1st, 192 PS

Katalina "Katie" Wilya Okablokum (born 1st of Granite, or 20th of March, 192 PS) was a student and private in Parasol's Auxiliary Squad 48D. She is best known for her friendship with Vanya Carena and the role she played in 48D's Final Battle. She was skilled in the use of jetpacks, and flew in many competitions, occasionally meriting first place. These skills unfortunately did not prove useful during her time in the military.


Katalina's exact height is unknown, but it is established that she stands a few inches taller than her friend, Vanya. Her irises are a vivid blue to the point that they stand out, a possible side effect of genetic engineering. Her dark brown hair has a slight wave to it, and Vanya describes her as pretty to look upon. Her skin refuses to take a tan, and is somewhat pale. She is known to have a "short face" and small nose as well.

Katalina's birth is a matter of interest in that she is half human, a quarter dwarf, and a quarter elf.


Katalina is normally a happy, bubbly person with a positive outlook. She laughs often, trying to enjoy the simpler aspects of life and have fun whenever possible. She is very social towards other women, but has a tendency to become shy around males due to her upbringing. She dislikes being the center of attention, but greatly enjoys "fixing other people up", in regards to their appearance, as she has a strong sense of fashion. Katie has a rebellious streak and dislikes being told what to do by her elders, sometimes protesting against it. 

Among her various hobbies is the collection of classic literature from before Parasol, which led her to aspire to become an archiver. She also has a great love of the sky and air, which is why she is fond of jetpacking. She also enjoys cooking.

Early LifeEdit

Katalina was born on Parasol to Scheck Kenzon and an unnamed woman, who were unmarried at the time of her birth. She has few memories of her birth mother, who mysteriously disappeared when she was three. Despite this, she maintains a daughterly love towards the woman.