Iki Atrasina
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliations Gugiromon
Occupations Caravan guard
Human refugee
Birth 5th of Moonstone, 177 PS

Iki Atrasina is a human soldier and bowyer living in Spearbreakers.


Iki was part of a merchant guard unit that was with a caravan from Gugiromon that had visited during Reudh's term as overseer. After his compatriots left him behind not knowing he was exploring, by Splint's order he was granted asylum.

Life among dwarvesEdit

He currently enjoys a life free of stress for the most part working as a bowyer. While he had intended to serve with the fortress military, he was utterly terrified of the local pike and axedwarves after he saw them in action and asked that he be permitted to cower in fear of them as a regular citizen.

He has been doing so for the last two and a half years.