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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliations Ballpoint
Occupations Security Guard
Birth Summer of 188 PS
Death Hematite of 208 PS
Halion (Summer 188 - Hematite 208) was a Ballpoint security guard, assigned to the outpost keeping tabs on Everoc. He enters the Spearbreakers story primarily through his interactions with Vanya Carena, and is known for his personality.


Halion is described as having close-cropped blond hair and deep blue eyes. If Vanya's cues can be believed, she found him particularly attractive, although her heart was with Urist Okablokum at the time.


Halion is noted as being extremely empathetic towards others. Vanya describes him as lonely: "There seemed to be a hint of loneliness about him." She also notes that there was "something inviting about him... almost attractive." These two together explain why he would want to hold a conversation with her, and why she would accept his invitation. He even asked Vanya to lunch, but later had to withdraw the offer due to his duties. He went out of his way to help her in her quest, without even knowing who Vanya was, and it was this that made Vanya decide that Ballpoint's employees themselves might not be guaranteed evil.


Halion was later discovered lying in a hallway, a buzzhammer wound sliced across his chest. This would insinuate Hans as his killer. Vanya made an attempt to save his life, but it did little good, as he was almost gone when she arrived on the scene.

Following his death, what happened to his body remains unknown. It seems natural that he would be given a normal Ballpoint funeral, but Vanya never heard of or from him again.