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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Spearbreakers
Occupations Sergeant
Birth 137 PS
Death Early Spring of 203
HARD Sholidzefon was a pikedwarf of the Spearbreakers Military.

Early LifeEdit

HARD revealed little of his life, as even his own journal was little more than a collection of broken thoughts and obscene images depicting violence on a grand scale. He is known to have had a cousin, an axedwarf named Wynz.

Service and DeathEdit

HARD died in combat protecting the fortress, struck down by a goblin on the Wagon Road in the early spring of 203. and is noted that he was among the more thickheaded recruits Colonel Fischer had to train. He was one of those few 1st Company soldiers who died 'untitled,' or lacking a moniker placed upon him by the enemies of dwarfdom. Nonetheless, HARD did have a kill to his name, striking down a Holistic Spawn with his iron pike in the early winter of 201.

HARD returned as a forlorn haunt in the midsummer of 203, and was put to rest in the middle of the next winter. 

HARD's JournalEdit


A page of HARD's journal containing Vanya's sketches.

Perhaps best remembered is HARD's journal, which he kept with him at all times. It remained on his person until he died in Mr Frog's Wagon Road during a siege, at which point it became lost among the bodies and clutter strewn within.

Later, Vanya Carena happened upon it while escaping Mr Frog and the Condemned Garbage Dump, and took it into her possession. She kept it with her and wrote in it during her time in the Spawn Research Center, nearly completely filling its pages with her stories, entries and crude sketches. See also the Pop-up Necromancer Tome, which was discovered in the same time frame.