Gugiromon (aka The Copper Realm) is a human nation in West Everoc's Coastal Reaches.

Condensed HistoryEdit

The Copper Realm has been standing since well before 0 PS, preceeding The Responsible Outrageous Fences by several years. It was a fairly unimportant nation for a long time until the outbreak of the Vampiric Wars.

It was a major contributor of infantry and cavalry to the Global Coalition, and after the war's end became a prosperous nation for many years, until the encroachment of the early barbarian warbands and spawn hordes which began to ravage their trade routes and mangle their since downsized army.

After several fortresses and hundreds of soldiers and citizens were lost, a nobleman named Lord Hathur Tammunique led a peaceful secession from Gugiromon, and left the nation in an even weaker state. To date, they still stand, but it is likely either the barbarians or spawn will overtake it.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Gugiromon is currently fighting a losing war of attrition against the mountain barbarians and Spawn of Holistic, all while fighting a proxy war against Spearbreakers for the murder of one of their heads of state. It otherwise has no outstanding issues with the rest of The Coastal Reaches.


Currently the nation's chief exports are preserved meats and copper metal wares, ranging from munitions to weapons and armor, to toys and instruments.


Gugiromon currently suffers from a lack of manpower and only has enough soldiers to protect its current holdings. It now wages all its wars by proxy, using mercenaries from Nemea and occasionally Harlech to fight in its stead while enacting a trade embargo on their enemy, refusing to trade with them without explanation.