The Global Coalition is an oragnization comparable to a heavily militarized United Nations with it's central HQ based in Sewaturet.

Condensed HistoryEdit

The Coalition came to be during the earlier years of the Vampiric Wars. By the war's end, it included dwarves from as far away as South Everoc, all of the human and dwarven nations of the Coastal Reaches and even goblins from the Sundered Isles off the coast of East Everoc.

Following the war, the coalition dissolved so that the member nations' militaries could be dispatched against enemies at home. This would lead to the fall of several nations who now lacked the raw power to defend themselves they had while part of the coalition, and the weakening of others, such as The Copper Realm.

During the Timewar, in response to increasing threats from Sariphose and the proliferation of arms manufactured by Eris to seditious elements, the Coalition was reformed with it's HQ at Sewaturet. However when the city is attacked the GCA had yet to even be formally organized and wouldn't be until well after the destruction of the Eris Facility near the Lokumokab ruins.

Notable Member NationsEdit

  • The Responsible Outrageous Fences (Dwarven)
  • The Copper Realm (Human)
  • Nemea (Human)

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