All dwarven fortresses have a system of law and governence enforced by a volunteer force of dwarves often hand-picked by overseers and nobility. They are known as the the Fortress Guard.


In most fortresses, "The Guard" is generally considered a seperate entity from the regular military and militia forces, organized thus:

  • Captain of the Guard/ Guard Captain - Name varies depending on fortress; some also opt to keep the title of Sheriff. head of the Fortress Guard.
  • Guard Sergeant - Second in command of the Fortress Guard, sometimes called the Arsenaldwarf or Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • 1-8 Guardsmen - The 'rank and file' members of the unit.
  • 1 Hammerer - The executioner of any given fortress, who works seperate from the main enforcement team. not all fortresses have hammerers, opting instead to punish all crimes with severe beatings or jailtime instead of death. As the name says, uses a hammer to dispense justice upon those given the death penalty.

Overall RoleEdit

For the most part, as stated above, the Fortress Guard's main duty is enforcing law and order and ensuring production mandates/export bans are met on time/for the duration of the ban. Usually this entails either a simple beating or taking someone off to prison for a few weeks, but in more extreme situations they may be called upon to be judge, jury, and executioner. Such situations include extreme rioting, where rioters are prooving too violent to be subdued for imprisonment, dwarves who've gone mad with rage, and situations where they're called on to assist the fortress military.


Most fortresses will equip thier Guardsmen with crossbows and hammers, but other weaponry isn't unheard of.

In Other CulturesEdit

Most cultures have some equivalent to the Fortress Guard.

Humans - Town Watch/EnforcersEdit

  • 1 Watch Commander/Head Enforcer
  • 1 Sergeant-At-Arms
  • 1-9 Watchmen/Enforcer
  • 1 Executioner (will almost always use an axe to carry out the sentence.)

Humans typically arms thier lawmen with either maces or spears.

Goblins - Regulators/EnforcersEdit

  • 1 Cheif Regulator/Enforcer (doubles as executioner)
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 1-9 Regulators/Enforcers

Goblin/Violet Xelic "lawmen" are typically armed with whips or hammers.

Wood Elves/Silver Xelics - Forest MarshalsEdit

  • 1 Master Forester (doubles as exectioner)
  • 1-9 Marshals

Equus - Town Watch/ Fortress Guard (varies depending on if local human or dwarf presence is stronger)Edit

  • 1 Watch Commander/Guard Captain
  • 1 Sergeant-at-Arms
  • 1-9 Watchmen/Guardsmen
  • 1 Executioner/Hammerer

Generally Equus will prefer featherwood beating implements to reduce thier lethality to almost zero to reduce severe injuries during beatings, though often this results in riots being nigh impossible to contain when they do break out.


  • Strangely, Most groups who have them adopted the traditional 10 man system for law enforcment even when completely isolated from one another.
  • Most other races simply don't have proper society or leave all matters of justice from theft ot murder up to the individuals/families/clans involved.