The Fist of Rage (sometimes written as FIST OF RAEG) is a massive metal edifice that towers over Spearbreakers, designed in the image of a forearm and a massive hand with the middle finger extended. It serves no purpose other than to literally broadcast "Fuck you" to every living nondwarven thing that can see it.

It is classed as a minor megaproject.


The fist of Rage is composed largely of iron, with copper floors and stairs, and iron support columns inside. The base is ringed with porcelain and the back of the fist is made from gold.


The Fist of Rage was commissioned, and designed by Splint during his second reign as overseer. It was completed rather quickly thanks to the large numbers of furnace operators who volunteered to assist the smiths in construction.

At an unknown time following the fall of Spearbreakers, the fist appears to to have either been scraped for materials or fallen apart due to lack of maintenance/corrosion, as it goes unmentioned by Recovery Team 5 during a recon mission in the area or by Dr. Urist Jones, though this is mostly due to those stories having been written before the Fist's construction.


The fist's prominent stature has made it popular for stargazing and watching battles on the fortress grounds, and the middle finger's tip holds one of a set in a series of drums used to tell time, issue orders, and sound the alarm. 

Due to it being made of metal, and being of a monument nature, it has no firing ports, making the central tower still the tallest functional structure.