Chalbys is a form of steel in common use amongst Human, Equus, and some Goblin nations, but is most associated with humans. It is essentially lower grade steel, being more brittle and unable to hold as sharp an edge for as long as the steel manufactured by dwarves. The ingredients are the same used by dwarves, but less advanced smelting techniques have led to it being as described: A cheaper, somewhat more brittle version of steel.

However it is extremely popular among Human and Equus nations that lack the access to dwarven forgeworks or trade partners, since the alternatives to it are even worse performance wise.

Aquisition and PerformanceEdit

It is only aquired by dwarves through trade or by looting it from dead Humans, Goblins, or Equus. It weighs the same as regular steel, but has a sharpness between steel and iron, making it inferiro to what dwarves produce.


  • Chalbys being of poorer ability to vanilla steel is a reference to most european steel being vastly inferior to steel produced in nothern europe in the viking age, where dwarves in mythology originate.
  • Chalybs is latin for steel.