An engraving on the dining room wall of a crying cavy, by Talvi Diamondknight, matching the cavy posters exactly.

Talvi Diamondknight always had a fondness for cavies, also known as guinea pigs. She collected, and bred, a great number of them during Mr Frog's year as overseer.

During Draignean's year as overseer, Talvi's cavies gradually began to disappear under mysterious circumstances. In actuality, Mr Frog was using them in his experiments as live, expendable test subjects, and Draignean (and the overseers beyond that) were tossing them into the Spawn Isolation Cells.

To try to get her cavies back, Talvi rounded up the skulkers she'd befriended and commissioned them to put up over three thousand of the posters around Spearbreakers, utilizing whatever supplies they could. In the meantime, she engraved permanent images of them upon the walls, trying to make the cavies look as cute as possible, which she intended to garner sympathy. It is said that Splint and LFTON felt bad after seeing them, although Mr Frog found them distasteful and repulsive.

In the years since, the posters have largely been taken down and re-purposed for things such as leveling tables, kindling, and makeshift journals. In addition, many were simply turned over and had Mitchewawa's communist-style propaganda printed on the opposite side.