Blood plains stylized

An artist's rendition of a photograph of the blood plains.

The Central Blood Plains (often just blood plains,) is a massive stretch of cursed land that occupied a large portion of the northernmost coastal reaches of West Everoc. It's name on most  maps has gone largely forgotten or ignored, with "Blood Plains" being considered descriptive and simple enough to understand.

Much of its borders now hold various dwarven fortresses founded by The Responsible Outrageous Fences, among them Spearbreakers.


The Blood Plains are classed as "Evil" by the Dwarven Institute of Biology and Cartography. It gains its name from the seemingly endless blood rains, which is evidently composed of blood of Mountain Barbarians; the region has a constant stink of burnt flesh as a result.

As one gets further north in the blood plains, the blood rains may be replaced by blood snows instead.


Blood plainsx

A portion of the Blood Plains near Spearbreakers, where there are actually trees.

The blood plains contains all the fauna to be expected in the areas it covers, with no known reanimating effects. Known animals seen include:

  • Wolves
  • Coati
  • Various owls and other birds of prey
  • Weasels
  • Pond Turtles


The West Everoc Coastal Reaches have no concept of "good" or "evil" plants, and as such plants not normally widespread or extremely prolific in other regions of the continent are endemic to all but the most inhospitable places, the blood plains being no exception to this rule. It hosts all known surface flora in the region, excluding those found only savage regions (highwood trees and whip vines).

The innermost portion of the blood plains are largely devoid of plant life, save for sporadic, tangled bushes, briars and blood oaks. Blood moss tends to flourish in this area. Ground cover is at a minimum.

Sentient lifeEdit

The only sentient life that inhabits the blood plains, either permanently or temporarily, are roving bands of Scythods that are attempting to patrol the borders of their homes in The Amber Barb. At one point, Warmaster Scylk's squad was among these, but he has since returned home. A small percentage of these creatures wish to make the Blood Plains their permanent home, as they find the blood rain refreshing.