The Ballpoint Stranded is/are a faction that appears in Spearbreakers II.


Stranded contractors and researchers from Ballpoint Technologies, who have been left for dead following thier near total withdrawl from Everoc's past following Joseph's supposed defeat at the Eris Facility, largely to avoid mucking up the timestream even more than they already had with continued fighting among the various companies in the past. Those left behind quickly moved westward, seeking to escape the Spawn and the understandabley upset Dwarves of The Responsible Outrageous Fences who had become very aware of and very angry at them by this point. However, they ran into unexpected resistance the further they went inland, largely from unprecedented radiation storms and increasingly hostile wildlife, as well as every Megaportal being either broken beyond thier ability to repair from neglect or dismantled/destroyed.

With only increased chances of dying horribly from anything ranging from Equus Imperialists and Grave Titans down to irradiated vinebeasts and massive hordes of beak wolves, they began to bunker down and build thier own society, based on a slightly more liberal (and life respecting due to thier predicament) form of the corperate society they were used to.

As Antagonists/Trade PartnersEdit

In SBII they serve as possible trade partners (as the Ballpoint Stranded entity) and enemies (yet to be named, will be called Ballpoint Raiders for the time being. For all intents and purposes they are the two sides of the same coin, with the Raiders resorting to kidnapping and banditry to stay afloat while thier more civil associates attempt to mend the fences and avoid getting stamped out. They are equipped with and may trade the following:


  • Ballpoint BDUs (jackets and trousers)
  • Ballistic Armor
  • Shirts
  • Utility Unforms (pants, jackets, and caps)
  • Corperate Attire (pants and jackets)
  • Combat Boots
  • Work Boots/Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Armored Gloves

To facilitate the fact that many dwarves are aong the Stranded's number, they are the default creature used for both entities, and as such thier armor and attire will fit Dwarves, Elves, and Goblins. This is subject to change.


  • Ballpoint Railweapons (rifles, pistols, SMGs; fire considerably faster in-game due to smaller ammo but are less powerful than Native Railguns.)
  • Buzzhammers
  • Power Mauls (essentially glorified police batons with a small matter disruption field)
  • Sledgehammers
  • Hatchets
  • Combat Knives
  • Machetes
  • Chainswords/axes
  • Riot Control Shields/Batons

Misc. ItemsEdit

  • Core Scout toys
  • PEAs
  • Dolls
  • Various Crafts