Ashsaber Weakenfigures
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Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Holistic Spawn
Affiliations Pleatinked
Occupations Butcher
Kin Olon Searchmanors, wife, 194 PS
Birth 141 PS
Death Turned in the early spring of 202
Ashsaber Othilvutok was a pikedwarf of the Spearbreakers military. His current diet consists of cavies, emu, and the blood of the same.

Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known of Ashsaber's early life, as he spoke very little to those around him.

Service and MutationEdit

During his time in Spearbreakers, he, along with Softa Omristlikot, sustained injuries fighting off spawn . He was placed in an isolation cell with some food and drink and monitored for signs of mutation, which unfortunately manifested themselves. He has not been released since his turning.

State of MindEdit

He is known to have become unrecoverably insane due to the years of sharing his body and mind with a demonic parasite, and is mentally a gibbering wreck.